Shian is a UX/UI designer with a background in
motion design, film production, and music.
She believes design should be not only inspiring and appealing
but also feasible and beneficial.

Currently enrolled in MHCI+D program at University of Washington


A digital product ecosystem focusing on equitable scheduling for restaurant wait staff.

Experience Design | UX/UI

Burke Museum

A product that utilizes geolocation and AR technology to give museum visits timely information through audio and text.

Interaction Design | UX/UI

Gemstone War

Who will get the gemstone? A story happened on durian island with a space pig and local tricky bird.

Animation | Story and Motion Design


A one-stop-shop for planning, sharing, and managing meetups with groups.

Product Design | UX/UI


Tammira is a marketplace of beauty professionals, artists, learners, and anyone who wants to feel and look awesome.

UX/UI Design | Internship

Capstone + Intel

Focused on cultivating a collaborative, fluid, and engaging online design studio course experience around key activities for both instructors and students in higher education.

Full Process Design | On-going