Film and Motion

Before I became a UX/UI designer, I was professionally trained as a 3D animator and film maker.
In this section, I collected some of previous work of
3D animation, films and motion graphics.

* Still from my film Midnight Melody

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3D Animation
Gemstone War

This is an independent capstone project of my MFA's degree.
Click here to see more details, including design process, characters design, storyboards and animatics.

My role: Director and animator.
The Secret in the Bathroom

You will never know what happened when you were not in the bathroom.
The secret in the bathroom is a two-person team project. I created the story, designed characters, drew storyboard and animated the characters.

My role: Director and animator.
Skating Dan

This is a movement practice for 3D animation. I was focusing on smooth the whole process and created a fancy environment.

My role: Director and animator.
Sound effects Redesign - Mr. Hublot

I shortened this Best Animated Short Film at the 86th Academy Awards animation and made it to an independent story.
I removed all the background music, sound effects and redesigned it.

Software:  Pro tools, Adobe Premier

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Short Films

Silence is an independent project about a girl who chose to ignore a robbery she witnessed in her apartment staircase, only to have the same incident happen to her a few days later. I used metaphor to externalize the girl's thoughts and regrets by seeing herself in front but walked away.

After the screening, our class had a passionate discussion about social responsibilities and the role of an artist facilitating social progress.
During this process, I learned how to work with visual communication methods that could invoke empathy and thus influence my audience.

My role: Director and editor.
Goodbye, youth

I selected the opening part of this 20 minutes long short film as I responded to directing and editing of this part, including shorts design, storyboard, and editing. This is a four-person team project, and I took charge of lighting and background music and sound effects for the rest of this film.
Please contact me if you are interested in the whole story.

My role: Director and music editor.
Midnight Melody

The story was inspired by my experience of learning music since I was a kid.

My role: Director and editor.
One Day

What kind of day would you like to spend in your life?
One day is an experimental film that I tried to use aural and visual to tell two different stories. The story formed with sound effects is a busy and exhausting workday. And the story formed with pictures is about a fun and relaxing day.
By doing this, I want to reflect on the reality that people have no choices but have to work every day to support their lives.

My role: Director, editor and actress.

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Motion Graphics
Snowing Glass Ball

This is a motion practice by only using Adobe After Effects.
My role: Animator.

This is a motion practice to combined motion and sound effects.
My role: Animator.
Television programs opening in Hong Kong Asia TV

I designed the whole motion visual system for three television programs, including opening, ending and banner. All my work was published in Hong Kong Asia TV.
Hand drawing motion design

Making some hand drawing animation is one of my interests during m leisure time. I've been enjoying doing this since it's my passion.

My role: Animator.
Smartphone Emoji

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Please reach me out for more work, and I will happy to share with you :)