Gemstone War

Who will get the gemstone?
A story happened on durian island with a space pig and local tricky bird.

9 Months
Sep 2014 - Jun 2015
My role
Script Writing
Characters Design
3D Modeling
After Effects
Adobe After Effects
Final Cut Pro
My Goal
Generate a global resonance and overcome culture and language barriers to evoke my audience's emotional reflection.
Background Information
This is my MFA's thesis project at Hong Kong Baptist University and completed in June 2015.
As it is an independent project, all work in this animation was done by myself, including idea, story, script, character design, environment design, 3D modeling, animation, lighting, rendering, and compositing.


Characters Design
I constructed a fantasy world, experimenting with numerous techniques including exaggerating the facial expressions of the characters, using vivd colors to amplify the visual and appeal to the audience, and layering an allegorical subtext for the adults.
Space Pig
He came from another planet in the space, and try to find a gemstone to finish his task.
The character needs to breathe and fly on this planet with his spacesuit, familiar with fly mode and find the gemstone on this strange island.
Red-head Tricky Bird
She is a local bird on this planet. Actually the gemstone is useless for her. However, when she found the pig want to have the gemstone, her troublesome personal character made her wants to trick the pig.
Therefore, I need to design a bird with dramatic facial expression to show her personality.
Three spacecraft for Space Pig
  • Pig Nose Craft: using pig elements to design this spacecraft. The window looks like a pig nose, the landing support looks like pig feet. The receiver can be opened like a plate and closed as a confined space.
  • Banana Craft: using a banana element to design. Considering it is not easy to fly, I gave up this design.
  • Pudding Craft: using a pudding element to design. The receiver looks like a spoon. Finally, I  combined this design with the pig nose craft and changed the windows to a pig nose.
Plants Design:
I did a lot of research to find plants with strange shapes and colors. I inspired by the existing fruit and trees and then redesigned them to special plants on this outer space planet.
I sketched this rough storyboard to guide me designed detailed shooting script.
Based on this I totally generated about 5000 frames to complete this animation.
Modeling and Rigging


I put lots of effort and thoughts into this animation.
It took me about one year to make it from zero to this nearly five-minute animation.
This work brought me great experience and a sense of achievement. 
I really love it, hope you enjoy it as well.
—Gemstone War—